EntoLife brings you natural and highly nutritious snacks made with edible insects.You get more protein than beef, more Omega 3 than salmon, more B12 than Tuna, more Calcium than milk, more iron than spinach. EntoLife products also contain chitin which is a prebiotic fiber – nutrition for probiotics. EntoLife snacks arehealthy, environmentally friendly, grown humanely and… they taste great!

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      Pemmican style jerky made with roasted crickets & cricket powder.

      Think you’ve tried every kind of jerky? Think again. Chirpy Jerky is here.

      Size: 1 Ounce / 30 Grams

      Minimum Order: 6 Pieces


      24 sections – Each package includes 3 chocolate bars with 8 sections each.

      The three bars together weigh over 3.5 oz


      24 sections – Each package includes 3 chocolate bars with 8 sections each.

      The three bars together weigh over 3.5 oz

    • D.I.Y. Chocolate Covered Crickets

      Two sizes available:

      – Family Size
      – Group Size

      Family size includes over 150 crickets and group size around 1,000 crickets.

    • Edible Insects Educational Poster

      18″ x 24″ high quality, full color poster with a soft gloss finish.

    • Mama Shaw’s is a line of private label edible insects.

      The text “Mama Shaw’s Jerky Shop” can be changed to the text of your choice.

    • MINI-KICKERS | Flavored Crickets

      Everybody gets a kick out of eating crickets.
      They’re fun and they taste great!

      Mini-Kickers are a big handful of roasted crickets seasoned just right. Every flavor is an adventure!

      Contents: Approximately 10 grams of Flavored Crickets

    • Cricket Protein Powder

      This is pure cricket powder. To make cricket flour, mix one part cricket powder with three parts baking flour.

      Package Size:
      20 Gram Zip Bag
      4 oz. Flip-Lid Jar
      1 Pound Jar


Private Label Services Available

Call us about creating custom labels for your company.

Some products can have simple changes of the text on their labels for a very low minimum order. If you want full fledge branding, we can do that too.

Create your own line of Edible Insect Products.


Most Products: One Year Shelf Life

Buy with confidence due to the fact that most of our products carry a one year shelf life.

The crickets are roasted, the scorpions are salted and dried, and so forth. Most of our products will last up to a year on your shelves.


Low Minimum per Product

In most cases, our minimum is 3 pieces per SKU but if you need fewer or would like samples, feel free to order what you need.

Our goal is to keep you stocked on the products that sell well for you.


Natural Word of Mouth Advertising

Nobody eats an insect for the first time without telling everybody they know and posting their accomplishment online.

When you first start to carry Entosense products, consider contacting your local media. The edible insect trend is new enough to get you and article in the local paper and/or a segment on TV and radio.

Post it online and ask your customers to use a specific hashtag like #bugsatmyplace so you can track and share customer posts.