Wholesale Edible Insects FAQ’s

Below are Frequently asked questions and their answers concerning Entosense and our wholesale policies.

Basic shipping time is one to two weeks.

Most product is in stock so we can usually ship same or next day when needed.

Please call or email for faster shipping time.

Our policy is to have three transactions completed before terms are considered. If your company is established, it’s possible to get terms on your first order.

For some lines, we can simply change the text on the label with little effort. Otherwise, if you want your logo included or a complete redesign, please contact us for more specific requirements.

Yes. Contact us for more information.

We source edible insects from around the world. All insects are farmed for human consumption.

In most cases, it is one year or more in the original packaging. Once opened, freshness is generally related to humidity. To maintain freshness, keep the package sealed. 

Yes, in most cases. Call us about purchasing displays without additional product.