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Wholesale Edible Insects is a site designed for retailers and foodservice companies. Our retail products generally include displays while our foodservice products have minimal packaging to keep costs down and products affordable. Bulk edible insects are generally sold by the pound. If you are looking for large quantities of edible bugs, or see a product we don’t have but you would like, please contact us.


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Min-Kickers Flavored Crickets

A single tube of Mini-Kickers Flavored Crickets is enough for the whole family… or the whole class… or all of your friends. There are almost 100 tasty crickets per tube.

Mini-Kickers Create a Buzz!

Every time someone eats a flavored cricket for the first time they just have to tell everyone they know and post about it online literally creating a buzz for your store.

Crickets are a real animal protein complete with all essential amino acids.

Chitin, the exoskeleton of crickets, is a prebiotic fiber – nutrition for probiotics.

Crickets, grasshoppers, and silkworms have over three times the antioxidants as orange juice.

No doubt about it, despite the health benefits, many people buy Mini-Kickers for the novelty of it.

People all over the world eat bugs and this is a great way for the adventurous to overcome their unwarranted cultural fear. Today, people are discovering that edible insects are a healthy, sustainable and humane food source that tastes great.

Lil Bugz are four different edible insects in sample size packages.

Lil Bugz Display
Real Scorpion Cocktail


Hey! Would you like a scorpion added to your shot?       How ’bout a Flaming Scorpion Cocktail?

As soon as your patrons find out you offer real scorpions you can eat, they begin to talk and they begin to dare each other. Pretty soon, you’ve sold an edible scorpion that has around a 500% margin.

Flaming Scorpion Cocktails
Scorp-It Scorpions
Scorpion Martini
Eat Scorpions
Scorpions for Sale
Scorpion You Can Eat

Our southern neighbor, Mexico, enjoys over 200 different insects. Chapulines are a time honored favorite. Our base Chapuline is Sal y Limon. The salt and lime are preservatives. From there we have three spiced Chapulines. Sazanados is the only one that is hot spicey. The Adobados and Chipotle spices are mild and taste wonderful.

Edible Black Ants

Black ants have a strong taste for their size. Many people call it a limey or citrus taste.

Although it may seem like one gram is not much, it is enough for a family meal or a tray of snacks. They really do have a taste that carries it’s own weight. Great on salads, cheese, breads and with vegetables.

Cricket Powder Wholesale

This is pure cricket powder. This is not cricket flour.
To make cricket flour, mix one part cricket powder with four parts baking flour.

People are buying cricket powder because it’s a true animal protein and because of it’s Chitin which is a prebiotic fiber – nutrition for probiotics.



EntoLife is a healthy snack food line made using popular edible insects.


EntoCuisine introduces gourmet insects for professional and home chefs.


Experience edible insects from around the world with EntoExotics.


EntoVida celebrates the unique entomophagy cuisine enjoyed south of the border.