Giant Water Scorpions

Giant Water Scorpions

Package Size: 3 Giant Water Scorpions

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Three Giant Water Scorpions

Belostomatidae, also called Toe Biters

Despite the common name, these freshwater bugs are not really scorpions at all. They get their name due to the bite they can inflict.

In Thailand, they are called maeng da (แมงดา) and are commonly used in sauces as a flavor, served whole (great for kabobs) or simply as a snack.

For snacking or serving whole, the first step is to remove the wings. They are edible but very tough to chew.

Water Scorpion tastes a bit like pumpkin seed although, as is true with all bugs, they have a flavor of their own.

The easiest way to get people to eat a water scorpion is to use it as a flavor so they do not see the insect. However, it really freaks people out when you bite their heads off. Luckily, they really do taste great. If you like pumpkin seeds, you should definitely try giant water scorpions.

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